Black Graduated Glass Dropper (20-400) (1 oz.) (V15)

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Introducing the Black Graduated Glass Dropper (20-400) (1 oz.), a must-have accessory for precision dispensing in various industries and applications. This elegantly designed dropper combines functionality, durability, and style to meet your liquid handling needs with utmost convenience.

Equipped with a 20-400 neck finish, this dropper fits securely on a variety of bottles, vials, and containers, allowing for easy integration into your existing packaging setup. The graduated markings on the dropper provide accurate measurements, enabling precise and consistent dispensing of liquids, whether it's essential oils, medications, aromatherapy blends, or other liquid formulations.

The ergonomic design of the dropper features a rubber bulb that allows for effortless squeezing and controlled release, ensuring a controlled flow of liquids without the risk of spills or wastage. The dropper's tight-sealing screw cap guarantees leak-proof storage, preserving the integrity and freshness of your valuable liquids.

With a capacity of 1 oz. (30 ml), this dropper is ideal for both personal and professional use. Whether you're a skincare enthusiast, herbalist, pharmacist, or DIY enthusiast, this versatile tool is perfect for precise dosing, blending, and application of liquids.

The Black Graduated Glass Dropper (20-400) (1 oz.) combines aesthetic appeal, functionality, and reliability, making it an essential tool for anyone in need of accurate liquid dispensing. Invest in this high-quality dropper and elevate your liquid handling experience to new heights.

Product Features

  • Graduated Measurement Markings
  • Sturdy Glass
  • Fits 1-Ounce Boston Round
  • Available in Bulk

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