2 oz. Clear Boston Round with Large Bulb Black Glass Dropper (20/400) (V5) (V12)


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Quantities: 24 Pack
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When a 1 oz. bottle just isn't enough

Our 2 oz. clear Boston round glass bottle with black glass dropper is a perfect solution when our 1 oz. bottle just doesn't meet your needs.  This bottle can hold a larger volume and the black glass dropper will allow larger dispensing, as well.  The clear glass allows you to display the contents of the bottle, thus making them perfect as decor in your home or office.

This clear Boston round bottle can be used for:

  • Dispensing and storing essential oils, massage oils, tinctures, and various other liquids

  • Travel storage

  • Handmade gift packaging

This bottle is also very cost-effective, as well.  You can save even more when you order in bulk.

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