2 oz. Clear Boston Round with Black Treatment Pump (20/400) (V23) (V20)


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Introducing our 2 oz. Clear Boston Round with Black Treatment Pump (20/400), the perfect container for your skincare and beauty products. This bottle is made of high-quality clear glass, giving your product a professional and elegant look. The 2 oz. size is perfect for travel, and the compact design makes it easy to store on a bathroom counter or in a purse or backpack.

The bottle features a black treatment pump with a 20/400 neck finish, making it easy to dispense your product with just a simple press. The pump also includes a clear overcap to prevent accidental dispensing and keep your product fresh and clean.

This bottle is perfect for a variety of skincare and beauty products, including serums, lotions, oils, and more. The clear glass design allows customers to see the product inside, adding a touch of luxury and sophistication to your brand. The black treatment pump is also easy to use and delivers just the right amount of product with each pump, making it a convenient choice for customers on the go.

Overall, our 2 oz. Clear Boston Round with Black Treatment Pump (20/400) is a high-quality and stylish packaging solution for your skincare and beauty products. Order now to add a touch of elegance to your brand and give your customers the convenience they deserve.

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