2 oz. Amber Boston Round with White Glass Dropper (20/400) (V5) (V8)

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This amber Boston round with white glass dropper is the solution to your liquid storage needs

There are a lot of choices when it comes to buying glass bottles.  Finding the right type of bottle to fit your needs at home or for commercial use can be a bit frustrating. Let this amber glass bottle be the solution to a wide variety of your liquid storage needs. Not only is this a high-quality glass bottle, but it is also priced to sell.

Features of this amber Boston round bottle;

  • It has the capacity to hold up to 2 oz. of liquid
  • The amber glass provides its contents with protection against UV light.
  • The white glass dropper makes dispensing liquid easy and mess-free.

Common uses for this amber glass bottle:

  • Storing and dispensing liquids, essential oils, tinctures, and massage oil
  • Packaging for handmade gifts

 With discounted bulk rates, this bottle is a very cost-effective option for commercial use.

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