2 oz. Amber Boston Round with White Child-Resistant Cap (20/400) (V4) (V1)

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Make your home a safer place with this amber boston round with white child-resistant cap

In an environment where children are present, there is a need to protect them from liquids and substances that may be harmful to them. Making sure your bottles are child-resistant can be your second line of defense when children find a way to get things you have placed out of their reach. This 2 oz. amber Boston round bottle with white child-resistant cap is the perfect choice when making an environment safe for children. The vintage amber glass also adds a bit of style to your storage needs.

Features of this amber glass bottle;

  • The amber glass is designed to protect its contents from UV light.
  • The bottle can hold up to 2 oz. 
  • The white child-resistant cap can help protect children from the contents of the bottle.

This amber bottle is commonly used for:

  • Storing essential oils, massage oil, home remedies, and tinctures
  • Storing herbs, spices, and various other ingredients
  • Travel storage
  • Beautiful decor
  • Handmade gift packaging

These amber glass bottles are also extremely cost-effective and if you order in bulk you can save even more.

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