2 oz. Amber Boston Round with Reducer and Black Cap (20/400) (V23) (V6)


Quantities: 24 Pack
Sale price$16.99 Regular price$28.99


Introducing the pinnacle of liquid storage convenience – our 2 oz. Amber Boston Round bottle, meticulously designed to provide both precision and protection for your valuable liquids. This package includes a finely crafted reducer and a versatile black cap (20/400), combining ease of use with a sleek, professional appearance.

Crafted from premium amber glass, this Boston Round bottle boasts excellent UV protection, making it the perfect choice for light-sensitive contents such as essential oils, herbal extracts, and concentrated solutions. The amber tint shields your products from the detrimental effects of sunlight, preserving their quality and potency.

The included reducer adds an element of control to your pouring process. With each use, you can dispense your liquids with precision, reducing waste and ensuring accurate measurements. Whether you're concocting custom fragrances or carefully mixing therapeutic blends, this feature empowers you to work with accuracy and efficiency.

Simplicity and functionality merge seamlessly with the black cap. Designed for easy application and secure sealing, it complements the bottle's aesthetic while preserving the freshness and integrity of your contents. Whether you're a professional artisan or an enthusiast, this cap ensures hassle-free access to your products while maintaining their quality.

Our 2 oz. Amber Boston Round with Reducer and Black Cap stands as an essential tool for creators, crafters, and wellness advocates. Its combination of utility and aesthetics signifies your dedication to quality and precision in your liquid creations.

Elevate your packaging game with a solution that encompasses both practicality and style – choose the 2 oz. Amber Boston Round with Reducer and Black Cap to showcase your commitment to accuracy, protection, and a sophisticated presentation.

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