2 oz. Amber Boston Round with Black Cone Cap (20/400) (V8) (V20)


Quantities: 24 Pack
Sale price$10.99 Regular price$28.99


Seal it and store it with this Boston round amber bottle with black cone cap

There are quite a few options when it comes to storing liquids, herbs, and spices at home or even for commercial use.  This amber Boston round bottle is an ideal choice, as it can meet many different storage needs.

 Why use this amber glass bottle?

  •  Amber glass bottles are useful in safeguarding its contents from the effects of UV light.
  • This bottle has the capacity to hold up to 2 oz. of liquid or various other substances.
  • They are effective in storing essential oils, tinctures, herbs, spices, and various home remedies.
  • The black poly cone cap is of high quality and assures a tight seal.
  • They can also be used as a handmade gift package.

Thus, the amber boston round bottle is the ideal choice when needing a simplistic and durable storage solution.

Discounts are available for bulk orders making this bottle a cost-effective choice for large orders.

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