1 oz. Amber Boston Round with Black Fine-Mist Sprayer (Smooth) (.1 ml Per Spray) (20/400) (V5) (V15)

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This sprayer is light duty (thin products) not for thick products such as oils and thick food products. Note: Because some essential oils have the potential to clog the spraying mechanism, these spray tops are not guaranteed when used with essential oils.

The Amber 1 oz. Boston Round with Black Fine-Mist Sprayer offers a stylish and functional way to store liquids. The 1 oz. spray bottle is great for containing small amounts of liquid for retail purposes or for distribution. Its amber tone creates a professional image and leaves plenty of room for labeling.

Each 1 oz. Boston Round comes with a black fine mist sprayer that is crafted out of the finest plastics to offer suburb performance and a top seal on the top of the bottle. Each black fine mist sprayer also comes with a plastic cap that will protect the sprayer.

Sprayers should only be stored and shipped upright. Sprayers contain a vent that allows air to flow into the bottle which prevents vacuum lock.

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