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Mason jars, as well as a variety of other glass bottles and jars, have become extremely popular for DIY projects in recent years. Their versatility is favored by many creatives who repurpose mason jars as unique table centerpieces, string light holders, and a number of other inventive items. While many use glass bottles for their creative projects, few realize how amazing painted glass jars can look inside of your home as well as outside of your home. Painted jars can make boring DIY projects exciting, and even allow you to utilize different patterns and color schemes to achieve your intended effect.

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Painting Your Glass Jar

Painting glass jars is easiest when done outside when there is little to no wind present. You should always consider wearing protective gear such as a face mask and gloves to fully protect yourself from paint fumes. Begin by laying a few pieces of newspaper or cardboard on the ground so that you have a workspace to use at your disposal. Next, place your mason jars with their tops sitting on the ground. This will allow you to paint your glass container completely without worry of missing any spots.

To paint your mason jars quickly while still retaining a high quality look, consider purchasing your favorite color of spray paint from your local hardware or retail store. You can achieve an even application of paint easily by using the spray paint from a distance. This method will allow the spray paint’s nozzle to disperse paint with a large, even radius. Once you have applied your desired coating of paint to your mason jars, let them air dry for at least one day to ensure that they are completely dried before being placed in your home. For projects requiring finer detail, you can use oil-based paints, latex paint, and even nail polish to apply intricate details to your glass jars.

Using the techniques outlined above will leave you with a stunning end result that will be sure to impress your friends and family. This is a great DIY project for adults, as well as children, and can make for great bonding time with your kids. If you are searching for a online store offering the most in glass containers, as well as plastic containers, visit Glass Bottle Outlet’s website today. We offer free shipping on all orders over $300, and even provide reduced prices for special products. Browse our full inventory today to get started!

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Thanks for sharing the method for glass jar painting. After applying it on my glass bottle it looks very attractive.

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