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If you frequently browse social media sites, you have probably seen countless variations of mason jars that are creatively repurposed as displays or useful holders for items. Many of these DIY projects look much harder than they appear, and require a number of additional items that you may not have at your disposal. While mason jars are traditionally used for canning jams, vegetables, sauces, and other miscellaneous food products, their uses reach far beyond the realm of food. That’s why we have compiled a list of creative ways you can use your extra mason jars to create stunning displays or pragmatic devices that you can use daily. These are simple DIY projects that require minimal materials, and are great for beginners who are searching for an easy way to repurpose their mason jars.

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Flower Vase

An easy way to accentuate your rustic living area with a touch of life, you can easily repurpose mason jars as functioning flower vases. Not only do these make great centerpieces at home, they also work well at outdoor weddings, and are an affordable alternative to traditional vases. DIYers will love how easy a mason jar can be used as a vase, as you can simply remove your mason jar’s lid before filling it with water and placing your flowers of choice inside. To make this DIY project even more beautiful, consider arranging a colorful bouquet inside of one of your mason jars.

Soap Dispenser

Mason jar soap dispensers can easily tie together a quaint bathroom and are just as simple to create. Begin by drilling a hole with a ½” diameter into the lid of your mason jar. This will allow a soap dispenser tube to run through the lid and into the mason jar. Next, slide your dispenser’s tubing through the drilled hole, and then fill your mason jar with your soap of choice. This quick DIY project will leave you with an aesthetically pleasing soap dispenser that is capable of holding far more soap that traditional containers.

Spice Holder

If you hate how cluttered your pantry looks with assorted spice bottles of various shapes, colors, and sizes, consider a more uniform look by using small mason jars to hold your spices. You can find small, four-ounce mason jars at many major retail stores, which are the perfect size for storing your assorted spices. To add a unique flair of creativity, you can easily redecorate the jar’s lid by painting it with a color that will complement your kitchen. You can also decorate the tops of your new spice jars’ lids with labels that will make it much easier to locate your spice of choice while cooking or preparing a marinade.

Baking Container

If you don’t have a cupcake tin, or any other oven-safe container used for baking, mason jars make great containers for baking rolls, cakes, and much more. Begin by lining your mason jar with your oil of choice such as olive oil or cooking spray. This will ensure that you can easily remove the contents of your jar without your baked goods becoming damaged in the process. Once you’ve lined your jars with a non-stick solution, pour your batter into the mason jars and then place your jars inside of a container filled with hot water. Since mason jars should not be used in a dry oven, you will need to bake them using a hot water bath. This is an easy method for making creative desserts, and is a sure way to impress friends and family.

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