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Glass is unique when compared to other materials, as it is is “100 percent recyclable and can be recycled endlessly without loss in quality or purity.” Though many choose to recycle their glass bottles and jars, there are a variety of creative applications they offer which can produce everything from unique centerpieces to hanging chandeliers. If you are a DIYer looking to take on a new creative project, think twice before recycling your glass jars and bottles. During this article, we will talk about five easy ways you can transform your ordinary glass bottles into creative ornaments that serve both form and function.

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Reusing glass bottles as decorative vases is a great way to give your indoor or outdoor area a touch of personality without having to spend any additional money. You can even paint your glass jar of choice to add a creative element that will make your repurposed glass bottle stand out even more. Then, simply fill your empty glass jar with water and a gorgeous bouquet of flowers to pull off a stunning DIY that will impress anyone who visits your home. Not only is this a great creative project to personalize your home decor, it is also an incredibly cost-effective way to make gorgeous centerpieces for those that are wanting to pull off a beautiful wedding on a limited budget.

Christmas Light Decorations

As you prepare for the holidays by decorating your home with assorted Christmas decorations, you may find yourself with a surplus of Christmas string lights. Instead of storing your extra Christmas lights in a box where they will never be used, consider repurposing your additional Christmas lights by using them for decorative displays. You can easily turn a glass bottle into a winter wonderland by filling it with fake snow and decorative garlands, or you can simply paint the outside using holiday colors! After you have filled your glass bottle with holiday cheer, begin placing colored or clear string lights inside of the jar. You can easily conceal your string light’s cordage by cutting a small hole in the lid of your glass jar, which will create a much cleaner look and feel for your seasonal DIY project.

Bird Feeders

Do you find yourself throwing your glass bottles in the recycling bin? Too often these empty bottles are tossed into receptacles without being repurposed, yet there are many different creative ways that you can turn an empty glass bottle into a practical device. If your backyard is full of wildlife, there is a good chance that your furry friends are scavenging for food. Fortunately, with a few simple tools, you can transform your empty glass bottles into functional bird feeders.

There are many pet stores and hardware stores that carry plastic birdfeeder bases which can be screwed onto the threading of glass bottles. Begin by filling an empty glass bottle with your bird food of choice, and then screw on your bird feeder adapter to the bottle’s opening. You will be amazed at how quickly birds will find your DIY feeder, and will enjoy how your backyard comes to life with the sounds of nature.

Tiki Torches

If you spend your summer nights in your backyard, you may find that there is not sufficient lighting while enjoying a drink or socializing with friends. Luckily, glass bottles can be turned into beautiful tiki torches in just a matter of moments. Start by purchasing a bottle of tiki torch fluid at your local hardware or retail store of choice. Then, fill your jar halfway with tiki torch fluid and halfway with water. After dousing your wick in tiki torch fluid, fit the wick snugly in the opening of your glass bottle. You can now safely light your wick and enjoy the lowly lit ambiance created by your new glass tiki torch bottle.

Calming Glitter Jars

When the stress of everyday life becomes too much to handle, you may look for relaxation exercises designed to calm the brain and relieve you of any worries. Calming glitter jars are great tools for both children and adults, and can help alleviate any stress you may be feeling throughout the day.

Begin by filling your favorite empty glass jar with a generous amount glitter glue and warm water. Then, add more glitter to your jar before sealing it and shaking vigorously to evenly distribute the glitter. When you are feeling stressed, you can simply shake the bottle and watch the glitter swirl continuously throughout. This can create a mesmerizing effect that users will find calming, especially when proper breathing techniques are practiced as you watch the colorful specks of glitter dance inside your glass jar.

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