4 oz. Cobalt Blue Boston Round with Black Cone Lined Cap (22/400) (V1) (V3)


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Let our 4 oz. cobalt blue boston round with a black cone lined cap be your stylish storage solution

Storing your oils, liquids, or other substances can be simple and stylish.  Add color to your home or office with this trendy cobalt blue glass bottle. These high quality yet cost-effective bottles could be the solution to your storage needs.  On top of being beautiful and cost-effective, these bottles are also extremely durable and of high quality.

Why should pick a cobalt blue boston round bottle?

  • Perfect for storing essential oils, tinctures, herbs, spices, home remedies, and much more.
  • The cobalt glass protects its contents from UV light.
  • It has the capacity to hold up to 4 oz.
  • The black cone lined cap seals the bottle securely.
  • These beautiful bottles are perfect to use as handmade gift packaging.

Bulk order discounts are available, making these bottles even more affordable. Order now and save big!

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