2 oz. Amber Boston Round with Black Fine-Mist Sprayer (.1 ml Per Spray) (20/400) (V4) (V15)

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Store your custom essential oil blends in this amber boston round bottle

Convenient, protected, and preserves various liquids. What more could you ask for in a liquid storage container? The amber boston round bottle with its black fine-mist sprayer is the ideal choice for storing your facial toner, sprays, or essential oils for aromatherapy. Sturdy glass and no leaks, so look no further.

Advantages/ features of the amber Boston round bottle:

  • The black fine-mist sprayer secures the liquids the bottle stores and keeps it all intact.

  • Holds up to 2 oz. of any form of liquid such as essential oils, perfumes, hair spray, air freshener, and home remedies.

  • Holds and maintains light-sensitive ingredients as the amber glass is manufactured with UV protection.

  • Fits conveniently in your backpack for travel use or your kitchen cabinets with its maneuverable size.

  • This is a great bottle that is decorative, beautiful AND functional.

The amber Boston round bottle is a worthy investment as it is reusable, durable and affordable. Buy in bulk and save the big bucks.

Sprayers should only be stored and shipped upright. Sprayers contain a vent that allows air to flow into the bottle which prevents vacuum lock.

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