1 oz. Cobalt Blue Boston Round with Black Glass Dropper (20/400) (V3) (V6)

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This cobalt blue boston round glass bottle offers simplistic style for your storing needs

This cobalt blue glass bottle is not only priced lower than any competitor, but is also of very high quality. This versatile bottle is easy to use and great for storing various types of liquids.

The features of this cobalt blue glass bottle:

  • It has the capacity to hold 1 oz. of liquid
  • The cobalt blue glass is designed to protect its contents from UV light.
  • The black glass dropper makes it easy to use the liquids contained in the bottle.

It is commonly used for:

  • Storing tinctures, massage oil, essential oils, and homemade remedies
  • Using and storing various other liquids
  • Packaging handmade gifts

Discounted bulk rates make this cobalt blue glass bottle an even more cost-effective solution for commercial storing needs.

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