1/3 oz. (10 ml) Specialty Teal Glass Roll-On Bottle with Silver Cap (Gloss Finish) (Plastic Ball)

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A Beautiful Deal is Our New 1/3 oz. Teal Glass Roll-on Bottle with Silver Cap. Delight your senses with this unique and lovely Teal glass roll-on bottle, exclusively created on-site by Glass Bottle Outlet. They are perfect for storing and gifting your essential oils, glosses, and tinctures. Not only will you enjoy the easy roll-on applicator, this colorful glass bottle will be a great addition to your collection. This Specialty Teal glass roll-on bottle with silver cap has so many uses, but if that's not enough, consider these features: The roll-on applicator makes use so easy. Silver cap securely closes the bottle to prevent leaks. The bottle measures about 3-1/2 tall and holds 1/3 oz. Conveniently sized to fit in your bag for traveling. Beautifully transparent teal colored glass.

How do I choose the correct closure size?

Closure sizes are expressed using two different numbers.

  • The first number you see refers to the diameter of the closure or bottle opening.
  • The second number is the Glass Packaging Institutes (GPI) thread finish and refers to the height of the cap and the style of the threads on the closure or bottle.

For example, a closure size of (20/400) has a diameter of 20 mm and fits a bottle with a 400 GPI thread finish.

Some neck sizes are interchangeable. For instance, a 20/410 closure will usually fit on a 20/400 bottle. Also, 410 and 415 are usually interchangeable if the closure is not tamper evident.


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