1/2 Gallon Clear Glass Pistol Grip Jug with Black Poly Cone Cap (38/400)

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This clear glass pistol grip jug is your home brewing storage solution

Your small batches of homemade juices and cider will be easy to enjoy and to store in this 1/2 gallon clear glass pistol grip jug with black poly cone cap. Ideal for a wide variety of beverages, the clear glass jug holds 1/2 gallon and is equipped with a pistol grip, ensuring that it will never slip out of your hands when it's time to pour. The heavy-duty glass jug is also a popular option for keeping water stored in case of an emergency or chilling filtered water in the fridge. This style measures 5 inches in diameter and 11.5 inches in height.

This pistol grip jug;

  •  holds a 1/2 gallon of liquid.
  •  the clear glass lets you see what's inside.
  •  has a pistol grip for easy pouring.
  •  comes with a tight sealing black poly cone cap.
  •  is ideal for storing and pouring juices and ciders.
  •  can be used as handmade gift packaging.


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