2 oz. Amber Boston Round with Black Fine-Mist Sprayer (.25 ml Per Spray) (20/400)

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Store your custom essential oil blends in this amber boston round bottle

Convenient, protected, and preserves various liquids. What more could you ask for in a liquid storage container? The amber Boston round bottle with its black fine-mist sprayer is the ideal choice for storing your facial toner, sprays, or essential oils for aromatherapy. Sturdy glass and no leaks, so look no further.

Advantages/ features of the amber Boston round bottle:

  • The black fine-mist sprayer secures the liquids the bottle stores and keeps it all intact.

  • Holds up to 2 oz. of any form of liquid such as essential oils, perfumes, hair spray, air freshener, and home remedies.

  • Holds and maintains light-sensitive ingredients as the amber glass is manufactured with UV protection.

  • Fits conveniently in your backpack for travel use or your kitchen cabinets with its maneuverable size.

  • This is a great bottle that is decorative, beautiful AND functional.

The amber Boston round bottle is a worthy investment as it is reusable, durable and affordable. Buy in bulk and save the big bucks.

Sprayers should only be stored and shipped upright. Sprayers contain a vent that allows air to flow into the bottle which prevents vacuum lock.

How do I choose the correct closure size?

Closure sizes are expressed using two different numbers.

  • The first number you see refers to the diameter of the closure or bottle opening.
  • The second number is the Glass Packaging Institutes (GPI) thread finish and refers to the height of the cap and the style of the threads on the closure or bottle.

For example, a closure size of (20/400) has a diameter of 20 mm and fits a bottle with a 400 GPI thread finish.

Some neck sizes are interchangeable. For instance, a 20/410 closure will usually fit on a 20/400 bottle. Also, 410 and 415 are usually interchangeable if the closure is not tamper evident.


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