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The Best Mason Jar DIY Ideas: Part Two

by Paul Gruber on February 09, 2018

There are a number of ways that your empty Mason jars can be repurposed into decorative containers, fixtures, dispensers, and so much more. In part one of our multi-part series, we spoke briefly on four simple ways that you can use Mason jars during your next DIY project. From matchstick holders and pendant lighting fixtures to portable tumblers and food containers, there is little that you can’t do with an empty Mason jar. During part two of our multi-part series, we will be taking a look at a few more of the easiest DIY projects you can complete at home with your extra Mason jars.

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Office Organizers

While some office organizer containers can cost much more than they are actually worth, empty glass Mason jars can make for the perfect accessory for storing and organizing office supplies. In fact, you can use a variety of different sized Mason jars to store things like pencils, pens, markers, paper clips, and so much more. To bring a little life to your newfound office supply holders, consider decorating and labeling them with colorful shapes and text. This is a simple way to bring a little life into a dull office setting, and will make cleaning up your work area easier than ever.

Memory Holder

If you are like many who possess the need for adventure, you most likely collect a number of keepsakes that you have found throughout your travels. From seashells and sand collected during your tropical escape, to plane and train tickets accumulated while journeying into the unknown, you may be looking for an easy way to keep these items organized in one convenient location. Fortunately, with the simple use of empty Mason jars, you can store your trinkets and souvenirs for viewing at a later time.

Unlike many DIY projects, this Mason jar DIY project requires minimal time, effort, and materials. To begin, simply start by filling an empty Mason jar with the items you cherish most that have been collected throughout the years. Once you have filled your Mason jar with your desired items, simply screw the jar’s lid on while tying a piece of twine and a labeling tag around the jar’s neck. You can then write the date and location of your journey on the Mason jar’s tag, so that you can easily remember the best experiences of your countless adventures.

Snow Globe

If your seasonal decorations are missing that special something, consider using one of your spare Mason jars as a breathtaking snow globe! This is an easy and fun project that both you and your children will love being a part of.

To begin creating your winter wonderland, you will need super glue, glycerin, glitter, an empty glass jar, and small winter figurines such as trees and reindeer. Start by gluing your seasonal figurines onto the underside of your Mason jar lid. Next, fill your empty Mason jar with water while adding a small portion of glycerin to the jar. This will help to thicken the water, making it easier for glitter to float throughout the jar. Next, add glitter to your empty Mason jar before applying super glue to the lid’s seal. After placing the lid on your Mason jar, screw it down tightly and flip the Mason jar upside down. You now have a beautiful snow globe that can be displayed every year during the winter months!

We hope that you enjoyed our multi-part series on just how easy it is to use Mason jars during your next DIY project. If you would like to shop our full inventory of glass, plastic, and cardboard products, simply visit our online store today. We know that you will be able to find the products that you are searching for, and can’t wait for you to experience all that our high-quality glass products have to offer!


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