Shrink Bands Explained-Glass Bottle Outlet

Reassure your customers that your products are visibly tamper-free and reduce the risk of spillage during shipping with Shrink Bands! Simple enough for an at-home infuser or home cook, Shrink Bands add a professional appearance to jams and jellies, essential oils, or homemade pickled vegetables. Elevate the appearance to your items with professional packaging.


What are Shrink Bands?

What are Shrink BandsShrink Bands are familiar to nearly everyone – they're thin sheets of PVC plastic that hug the neck and lid portion of a jar or bottle, or wrap around the entire piece. Shrink Bands indicate that the product has not been previously opened, as they must be torn away in order to open the product for the first time. Once the band has been removed, it cannot be replaced to its original sealed position. The bands currently in stock measure 0.2 mm thick with a vertical perforation to make removal a snap.


Benefits of Using Shrink Bands

The Shrink Band clearly indicates that no one has opened the package and tampered with the contents. They're fast and easy, noticeably reassuring customers of the product's integrity. Economical and safe to use on any type of contents, from food to pharmaceuticals, Shrink Bands are a cost-efficient way to ensure safety – much cheaper per unit than tamper-evident lids or induction sealing and requiring no extra equipment.


How to Apply Shrink Bands

Shrink Bands can be applied in a commercial production area, food service establishment, or even the comfort of one's own home.

  • First, select the correct size for your container. The Shrink Band should slide easily over the jar or bottle – either the entire piece or just the neck and cap. Leave a few millimeters at the top to cover a portion of the cap.
  • Second, evenly apply direct heat to the Shrink Band, using a heat gun or a household hair dryer (set on high). The plastic will conform to the bottle and shrink into place.


    Common Problems

    Take a look at the shape of your container. If there is no "lip" at the neck or no curvature around the jar, then the band can simply slide right off. In order to ensure a proper fit, there should be a protruding lip around the bottle that the Shrink Band adheres to. Containers with straight sides may have problems even if the Shrink Band covers the lid.

    If you aren't able to find a band in our regular stock, you still have plenty of options! We are able to produce custom sizes, and even colors and patterns, drawing extra attention to your sealed jar. Take a look at our custom shrink band pages to learn more and request a quote.


    Improper Shrinkage

    For the Shrink Band to properly set, use an even, direct heat source. Too much concentrated heat will cause the perforation to split, while heat from too far away or not concentrated steadily makes the product shrivel but fail to adhere.

    Keep the contents of your jars and bottles safe and assure your customers of perfectly preserved contents using the best tamper-resistant product at the best value. Visit us online to learn more about the simple, cost-effective Shrink Bands.




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