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Herbs Cure for Stress, Anxiety and Panic

Women are complex, emotional and intuitive by nature.  In today's society, women play so many rolls and have so many demands, it's not surprising they often deal with stress and anxiety.  

As is the case for most women, they work full time outside the home and bear the majority of responsibility for their children and the household, especially if they are single mothers.  Stress from work, school, relationships and parenting are just some of the daily struggles that cause fatigue, anxiety, physical tension, burnout, and can even cause or exasperate health disorders.   

If you want to start a spirited conversation, just ask a man what a affects a woman's mood.  Some men will boldly exclaim "On everything! Moon cycles, this cycle, that cycle, life fluctuations, ebbs and flows of the ocean...  There's always a reason for their mood! 

Really guys? Oh, c'mon! 

Honestly?  Women might hate to admit it... but some of that is true.  Our bodies are complex and those complexities can greatly affect us on a daily basis, however, there are things we can do to deal with that fact. Fortunately, Mother Nature has showered us with herbal gifts to help us in our daily struggles. The key is to listen to your body, educate ourselves, and use herbs as they were intended to be used.  

Herbal tinctures have been used since ancient times to help women with all kinds of physical, mental and emotional disorders such as headaches, hormone balancing, insomnia, clarity of mind, stress and even panic attacks.  Phytotherapy — the use of medicinal plants to heal and restore balance — is an age-old tradition that is slowly gaining more interest in the United States. Plants and herbs have truly amazing healing properties.

Herbs Cure for Stress, Anxiety and Panic

Nervous system and it's health

What are the main causes of exhaustion? An overloaded and depleted nervous system.  This results in physical aches and pains in muscles or in pain from idiopathic origin. Phytotherapy can help you to cure all those symptoms, but it is not the sole solution. Together with physical activities and the proper diet, your nervous system will become strong and healthy. There are lots of activities and additions to your diet and life style to consider, here are just a few: 

  • Foods rich in Vitamin B, chlorophyll, and minerals fruits and veggies 
  • Nervine tea 
  • Time alone, doing what you love (dancing, meditation, arts, etc.) 
  • Getting enough sleep 
  • Any calming activities outdoors 
  • Focus on letting go of negative feelings/people that take away your joy 
  • Setting goals, plans, and targets (put them in writing and focus on them daily) 

It is really vital to understand that you have to learn how to accept things as they are. If you can't change something, it is pointless to worry about it. Just take it as it is, quiet your mind, calm down, and be responsive and resilient. It is a challenge, and it is hard to let go, but it truly does relieve stress and you will be a much happier person! 

Why herbs? 

They work gently and effectively, and you can grow herbs just about anywhere.  You can conveniently grow them yourself in your kitchen or on your balcony.

Herbs Cure for Stress, Anxiety and Panic

Now, let's go back to herb tinctures that would be of great use to you. Here are some: 

  • Motherwort Works wonderful for comfort, calmness, strength, encouragement and it is also good for balancing female hormones. 
  • Skullcap. Great for relaxation of your body and mind. This is an ideal remedy for managing stress and anxiety caused by stressors such as insomnia, headaches, fear, etc. 
  • California Poppy Works well at easing physical tension.  It also treats insomnia, anxiety, and works quickly to relieve stress. 
  • Violet Leaf. When you are overloaded with compulsive feelings or anger, this cure will be one of the best. 
  • Flowers & Berries of Hawthorn. The plant is popularly known as Herat Healer. Its magic is in helping you say "no" to others and "yes" to yourself. 
  • Lemon Balm. This is a perfect alternative to relief from stress. Having more than ordinary calming effects, it is one of the favorite tinctures after a tough day, or if you have a stress headache because of PMS. 
  • Melissa. It's leaves us fresh in a nice cold drink in summer, and a hot tincture in winter. Melissa is a member of the milt plants family, and is useful as a sleeping aide. 
  • Verbena. Small leaves of verbena contain lots of active ingredients. This is an effective and gentle remedy for nervous system disorders during postmenstrual syndrome, hysteria and panic attacks. It's elements stimulate digestion. Weak point- verbena can cause nausea if taken in large doses. If you want to sleep well, try melissa+verbena+hop tincture. 
  • Prickly Lettuce. This plant has bunches of pale yellow, daisy-like flowers and thorny leaves. Its mild, soothing effect favorably affects nervous system. Antispasmodic properties are especially useful in cough treatment. A sedative effect is caused by alkaloids contained in Prickly Lettuce. 

To sum it up 

Find out what combinations work best for you.  Often times you will only need a few drops achieve the results you are looking for. Taken just in water or together with infusions rich with minerals, such tinctures should be kept in glass jars or bottles. Everything you may need for storing your recipes can be found at GlassBottleOutlet.

Please note:  Herbal tinctures are not to be used on a daily basis. 

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