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When will my order ship?

How soon can I expect my order?

Are Express Orders shipped the day order is placed?

I placed an order and paid for USPS Express, will it ship same day?

How do I know how much shipping will be?

Why is my SmartPost order taking so long to be delivered?

How long does it take to ship?



What bottles are best for keeping light out? (UV Protected)

How do I know what closure fits what bottle?

Are we able to pre-order Out Of Stock items?

How will we know when out of stock products are available?

Are the swirl roll on bottles swirl on the outside?

Why isn't my sprayer tube long enough?

Are the 1/3 oz Roll-On bottles BPA free?

Are the Colored Bottles frosted?

Are my polycone caps BPA free?

Are the bottles I receive sterilized upon receipt?

What is the 400 and 410 suppose to mean?

Do I need to clean my bottles and droppers before I fill them with my product?

I purchased 1oz bottles that say they fit bottles that are 18/415. Your tops say 20/410. Will yours fit my 1oz bottles?

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